What to Expect:

Please call or use the contact form to schedule a time for one of our technicians to assess the cleaning estimation process for your HVAC system.

Before calling, please be able to answer the following:

  • Where is your HVAC unit located?

  • (If possible) What kind of system do you have? (Package Unit [Outside], Split Unit, furnace in attic, crawlspace, garage, etc.)

  • Do you own any pets?

  • Where are your vents generally located? (Floor, ceiling, walls)


When the technician arrives, they will check for any major issues before beginning the cleaning process. If there are no additional problems, a thorough brush and vacuum of the HVAC system will be completed. However, if a larger problem exists, such as mold, the technician will be unable to brush out the system due to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. The customer MUST be notified of the issue and a mold treatment MUST be done before proceeding. A routine cleaning includes brushing and vacuuming out the system as to remove excess build-up.



However, if there is mold present in the system, there will be an additional charge for the more thorough cleaning before brushing.  This additional charge is so we can "fog" the system with Sporicidin. The HVAC unit will return the air from the house back into the unit, thus flushing itself with Sporicidin and killing any mold present throughout the household ducts.  


Another service that we provide if needed is cleaning the evaporator coils to prevent rust and deterioration.  The coil cleaning process varies by the condition of the unit of each house, and thus the additional charge of the coil cleaning process varies accordingly.  

After a full inspection is done, the system gets a final cleaning. The technician will then be on their way, leaving your air fresher than when it was ever before!Cleaning Process